Rejection – A simple part of a writer’s life

on September 1, 2015



Every aspiring author understands rejection is part of the process. However, two rejection letters within days of each other can place a big damper on one’s spirits. Many successful authors say they collected binders of rejection letters before their big break.  This proves my journey isn’t over, in fact, it is just beginning. Nevertheless, the process of pushing myself out into the universe is nerve racking.

Sometimes the hardest part is taking the first step by sending your manuscript out. Other times it is continuing when one agent or editor says your story doesn’t connect with her and the market is too saturated.  The worst is when you get no feedback whatsoever.

Walt Disney said, “Keep moving forward.” And that is exactly what I plan to do. Writing is the cathartic release of my creative juices. So many stories float around in my head and cry out for me to put pen to paper or in my case – fingers to keyboard.

Allowing rejection to shape my future in writing is not only a disservice to myself but to the future audience of my stories. Moreover, it is a fun way to escape the world of wife, mother, and PTO goddess.