Hurry up and wait

on March 30, 2016

hurry up

Hurry up and wait – Wikipedia defines it as “a humorous phrase used to refer to the situation in which one is forced to hurry in order to complete a certain task, or arrive at a certain destination, by a specific time; only for nothing to happen at that time, often because other required tasks are still awaiting completion.”

The above phrase is something I am experiencing the hard way. Contracts signed, release dates set, revision schedules planned, books delivered by dates specified in contract and then everything changed. For me as a Type A personality, I like to stick to specified schedules and expect things to proceed as set. Anxiety and uncertainty are my first reactions when things don’t go according to plan. However, in the business of publishing, everything is constantly moving.  My first book was originally scheduled for release in May 2016 was moved to June, then to July and now, to November. Book two originally scheduled for September moved to January 2017 and book three moved to May 2017.

Am I disappointed? Of course. Type A personality!

Am I mad? No, not really.  Kick-butt author, friend, and mentor of mine, Debra Mullins said it best “welcome to the publishing business.”

waiting game

The process to gain representation and then a publishing deal taught me that persistence and never giving up are the keys to success. I have perused my dream for three years, so why get upset now? I still have a book deal and I will have my books published. For now, I can work at a slower pace. Well, I say this but in all actuality, I am working on a bunch of other ideas.

Even with my Type A minded set, I am a glass is half-full kind of gal. I’m blessed with the ability to write the stories the many characters in my head want to tell.

My added time to publication gives me ample time to complete book three. In addition, this will give me the opportunity to polish my fantasy novel as well as, work on a new book series I have floating around my head.

Now let’s hope my husband doesn’t sign my kids up for any more activities that will fill up any of my spare time.