SENATOR is Live! Enter to win a Kindle.

on August 2, 2018

Hello Everyone,
Today is release day for SENATOR!!!

I cannot express how excited I am for you to meet Jacinta and Veer. Of all the books I’ve written, this one is my absolute favorite. This book has all the feels, and every woman wants to be loved the way Veer loves Jacinta.

Grab your copy and start reading!!!


Her Ambition, Their Secret, His love. My name is Jacinta Camden.
I’m a US Senator, a fourth generation politician, and the future of the conservative party.
I’ve known from the time I could walk, that I’d run for office. I’ve played the game, battled my colleagues, and come out on top.
Everything I’ve ever wanted is within my grasp.
Then why did I fall for a man whose touch consumed me to the point of forgetting my goals? Why did he have to be my political opponent for the highest office in the Nation?
Now, I must decide between a road that is clear and could lead to the White House and another that is unknown and has the potential to leave me in shambles.
I am Jacinta Camden. Presidential hopeful and United States SENATOR.

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I’m Samina Kumar.
Celebrity attorney, disinherited daughter of a technology billionaire, and the former dirty secret of a federal judge with conservative ties.
I never wanted to be famous. I prefer life out of the spotlight. Now, thanks to my new client, I am surrounded by the media, and my face is on the cover of every magazine.
To top it off, the man who kept me hidden and shattered my heart is determined to get me back, and nothing will stop him.
What does a girl do when she’s had enough of others dictating her life?
She takes back control.
I have a new plan for the future, one that will use my newfound fame to lead me to Washington D.C. and the halls of Congress.
I am Samina Kumar.
Candidate for Senate and CELEBRITY.


Until next time,