Debut author Sienna Snow turns the billionaire trope inside out

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This past week, I was featured on the USA Today HEA Blog. Here is my post from November 14, 2016.



When you envision a romance novel’s billionaire tech tycoon, who comes to mind? A tall, dark and handsome gentleman? How about a petite, ultra-smart and sexy Indian female? No? Well, get ready, because in my debut novel, Rule Breaker, that’s exactly what you get.

In many of today’s romances, males lead the pack of billionaires. The goal of my writing is to take the standard trope where the rich, brooding billionaire introduces the naive, young girl to a lifestyle she never knew about, and initially feared, and change it to where the women fully understand and accept themselves and their desires.

I come from a very conservative Indian-American background, where until recently, men and women had strict roles. Females were to marry and raise families and males were to provide for their families. I was fortunate to have parents who pushed me to achieve my education and a mother who believed I could accomplish anything I set my mind on.

The three heroines of the Rule Breaker series are well educated, confident and know what they want in and out of the bedroom. Hailing from diverse cultural circumstances, they have two traits in common: their over-the-top intelligence and their unwavering friendship and devotion to each other. They represent the world we live in: diverse, unique and beautiful.

Arya Rey (Rule Breaker) is a brilliant, Indian-American software developer, whose dedication and attention to detail give her the ability to control every aspect of her technology domain. Milla Castra (Rule Master) is an Italian-born finance genius, who runs not only one but two multinational organizations. Last, but not least, Carmen Dane (Rule Changer) is a New England socialite by night and mergers-and-acquisitions powerbroker by day. There isn’t a deal she can’t negotiate.

By portraying more smart and successful women (who sometimes are even more successful than their male love interests), the story can achieve greater balance and allows the reader to focus on the honest romance kindling between a couple without the distraction of an uneven playing field.

When someone picks up any of my books, I want them to enjoy a fun, fast-paced ride through the world of international espionage, technology and finance with an atypical love story at the center.


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